White Papers

Secrets to Lower Your Telecom Costs

In today’s competitive business environment, every penny counts. Smart businesses stretch every dollar to maximum capacity, and your telecom services should be no exception. Click here to read more

Hosted Unified Communications: Benefits and Migration Methods for Modern Businesses

Advances in modern communications technology have forever changed the way that business is done. They have given enterprises of all sizes a previously unimaginable degree of flexibility in terms of where they do business, what goals they set, and how they achieve those goals. Click here to read more

Hosting Private Clouds: Beyond the Internal Option

Once an organization decides to set up a private cloud as opposed to utilizing public cloud services, a second decision looms: where should the private cloud be located? Click here to read more

Mobility and Productivity Technologies for SMBs

Today’s small and mid-sized businesses must work harder than ever to stay competitive in a business landscape marked by rapid evolution and constant change. Click here to read more