TTM USA was founded in 2008 based on the need for unbiased recommendations and execution strategies for enterprise clients. The down market created a surge in clients needing to reduce telecom expenses while ensuring the integrity of their infrastructure. The convergence market was full of providers claiming to have IT solutions but not so many were truly ready to deliver them. We worked tirelessly to design, architect and deploy these solutions for our clients. While the market has continued to evolve many of the same pressures exist today. TTM USA has adopted new practice areas as our client’s needs changed. We’ve made it our practice to partner with the market leaders to ensure world class results every time.  As a result of these strategies TTMUSA now has two offices in the South and over 200 clients spanning the globe.

Fast forward:  2017

TTMUSA is now nationally recognized with many industry awards seizing on the changes from convergence to cloud and soon SDWAN.  TTMUSA is uniquely positioned to design and execute on the SDWAN/Cloud integration that will become the standard architecture by 2020.

Owner:  Allan Watkins has made some unique investments in Security, SDWAN, and System Tools that will enable enterprise transformation.