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  • Is BYOD A Failure?

    A BYOD program allows employees of enterprises to bring their own mobile devices to the workplace or use them to work remotely by being able to access company systems, networks, and information with such devices. Ideally, a BYOD climate offers benefits to both enterprises and employees such as reduced costs, increased productivity, flexibility of work schedules, enhanced mobility, and […]

  • Understanding the Difference Between SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

    It’s likely you’ve been mulling over the decision to move to a cloud environment to meet the evolving needs of your business. But between SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and more, it’s hard to know which option is the right fit. Deciding on a cloud service to implement depends a great deal on your expectations regarding cost/benefit […]

  • 7 Tips for Effective IT Team Leadership

    “When you’re a manager, you work for your company. When you’re a leader, your company works for you.” – Author Stan Slap Some people are natural leaders. But leadership skills can also be developed and enhanced. For IT professionals, it’s not only important to choose an A-team that gets the big picture, but also knowing how […]

  • Cloud Analytics Breeds Culture of Innovation

    There are plenty of articles and analyses talking about how Cloud-based data analysis can improve a business, but few grasp the sheer scale of the improvements that can be achieved within a Cloud-based system. Most businesses still use a fairly hierarchical, top-down setup where strategy happens “at the top.”  This, of course, was largely dictated by the […]

  • How CIOs Can Adjust to IT Decentralization

    Innovations in technology, most notably cloud computing, are changing the roles of CIOs. Traditionally, CIOs would be the overseer of the support and computer systems to ensure they are meeting company objectives, that software operates efficiently, and that their systems are secure. However, the cloud marks a shift away from centralized IT, and this affects […]

  • Adopting Hybrid Cloud? Transition the Entire Culture First

    Cloud technology is continuing to evolve and take hold in business operations, but in order to truly succeed as the primary platform, the IT culture needs to evolve as well.   Enterprise IT’s control over shadow IT is where things normally start. This is a more privatized practice involving businesses utilizing their own systems, negotiating contracts […]

  • CIOs: Use the Cloud to Join the Information Economy

    In his new book The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT Is About to Change, IT Transformation Institute CEO Charles Araujo posits that the vast majority of businesses are not prepared for the kinds of disruptions that are going to arise from new information technologies. Specifically, Araujo believes that most companies […]

  • Bad Data Drains Business Resources

    Despite major investments in advanced analytics, many companies are not seeing a positive ROI on their data analysis efforts. Why? By and large, it’s because companies are suffering when it comes to managing and analyzing their most critical data. According to Ovum Research, poor data quality is a drain on revenue. The research firm believes that […]

  • CIOs Face the Facts (& Stats) of the Cloud

    As cloud computing becomes more popular and increasingly essential to business operations, CIOs are being tasked with important decisions. They need to decide what will go in the cloud and what kind of cloud environment is best for their company. These are crucial decisions that can affect a company for years to come, so CIOs […]

  • McKinsey Report Highlights Need for Infrastructure Standardization

    If it isn’t broke, but it is too expensive, how do you fix it? Major businesses are increasingly looking toward making more efficient use of existing IT infrastructure. New generations of systems are also desirable, but they require a special eye for the immediate and future costs of implementation. A recent McKinsey report assessing Fortune […]